About Universities in South Sweden

Clockwise from top left: Lund University, Malmö University, Kristianstad University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Linnaeus University, Halmstad University

Blekinge Institute of Technology, Halmstad University, Kristianstad University, Linnaeus University, Lund University, Malmö University, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences collaborate within several areas of education, PhD programmes, research, administrative functions and external engagement. These collaborations provide increased quality, better utilisation of resources and improved contacts with industry and society, benefiting students and universities as well as society at large.

Societal development places new demands on universities. In order to meet these demands, our six universities have joined forces to form a network of Universities in South Sweden. Through this collaboration, we are able to meet increased demands and take greater societal responsibility by educating for the future and taking on the challenges we face through research and innovation, among other things. In this capacity, Universities in South Sweden make a difference and contribute to even better and stronger regions.

Through a representative office in Brussels, the Universities in South Sweden are addressing common challenges in an international context.

The universities that are part of the network have a total of approximately 71 000 full-time students, 15 000 employees and about SEK 15 billion in revenue (figures from 2019). This corresponds to about 25 % of the education sector in Sweden within these three areas. The universities’ students and employees are from all over the world.

Four of our universities are part of the EU initiative European Universities: Lund University in EUGLOH – European University Alliance for GLObal Health, Linnaeus University in EUniWell – European University for Well-Being, Malmö University in UNIC -European University of Post-Industrial Cities, and Kristianstad University in COLOURS-COLlaborative innOvative sUstainable Regional univerSities.

Our research has considerable breadth and many specialisations and includes major research facilities, a university hospital and several innovation clusters in which new and established companies develop. The seven universities together account for approximately 20 % of all funding awarded to Swedish higher education institutions from the EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation (Horizon 2020).

Together, our universities create a dynamic whole and a knowledge environment for higher education and research in southern Sweden.

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