Stronger collaboration for universities in south Sweden

The universities in south Sweden have a long-standing collaboration on education and research for a better resource utilisation and higher quality. Today, the network, Lärosäten Syd (Universities in South Sweden), strengthens its position even further as Linnaeus University joins the network.

The universities in south Sweden* have been collaborating for a long time on several areas within education, PhD programmes, research and administrative functions. The purpose is to achieve higher quality, better utilisation of resources and improved contacts with industry and society, benefiting students and universities as well as society at large. Together the universities in Lärosäten Syd have around 71 000 full time students, 15 000 employees and around SEK 18 billion in revenue (figures from 2019). This corresponds to around 25 % of the Swedish higher education sector in these areas. 

As of 8 December the network will grow as Linnaeus University joins as a member.

–With Linnaeus University we will have a stronger voice, both nationally and in Brussels via our shared Brussels office. We can also increase collaboration and coordination of our operations, for example the development of education pedagogy, joint PhD courses and networking within joint education programmes, says Mats Viberg, Vice-Chancellor of BTH, which this year holds the chairmanship of the network.

The purpose of the collaboration is to benefit students and examples of benefits is that the universities cooperate regarding development of education pedagogy for digital teaching, a very topical subject these days. Within specialist nursing education, the universities plan to collaborate regarding placements as well as offering students different activities across regional borders.

The universities also collaborate in the area of research regarding the EU framework programme for research and innovation. The network has as a goal to work for shared issues in a regional, national and international context where the universities can make a difference and contribute to even better and stronger regions.

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*Lund University, Malmö University, Halmstad University, Kristianstad University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH).